When you share your music with anyone, there are three things you want to know:

1) Did they OPEN it?
2) Did they LISTEN to it?
3) Did they LIKE it?
That’s why we created Song Angel. We’ve made it super easy to share your music and know exactly what is happening with every message when you promote your music. Sign up for a free account now (no credit card required) and change the way your music moves!
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Sending a song with a Song Angel wing is like attaching a stamp that stays with it and tells you as soon as there is ANY activity on your message. We have over 20 notification types that tell you INSTANTLY when someone opens your email, listens to your song, likes your artwork, lyrics, video and a bunch of other things. And with in-app messaging, people can contact you instantly, so if that radio station wants a custom intro or interview, or a promoter wants to set up meeting or hire you for a gig, they can do it all right there! No more waiting and wondering!

Don’t have anyone to share your music with? No problem! Song Angel is in contact with over 10,000 industry professionals and can help you find the right people in your exact niche to promote your music to!

Sign up for a free account now (no credit card required) and change the way your music moves!
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June 2021 Giveaway!

GRAND PRIZE: 10,000 Song Angel Wings!
A Kretzman Guitars limited edition tactical classic 1959 LP double cut style P-90 guitar
One song mastered by Warner BMG engineer Bud Bremner of Coastal Mastering Studios
Written feedback on three songs from award winning producer John Tomaino

SECOND PRIZE: 5,000 Song Angel Wings!
Written feedback on 1 song from award winning producer John Tomaino

THIRD PRIZE: 2,500 Song Angel Wings!
Written feedback on 1 song from award winning producer John Tomaino

*All prizes also include a Song Angel T-Shirt!

TO ENTER: Just sign up for a Song Angel account OR upgrade your existing account before midnight June 30, 2021 to enter the drawing! Winners will be chosen via a random drawing!

Silver Account: 1 Entry in the drawing
Gold Monthly Account: 10 Entries in the drawing!
Gold Annual Account: 50 Entries in the drawing!
Platinum Monthly Account: 100 Entries in the drawing!
Platinum Annual Account: 500 Entries in the drawing!
Kretzman Guitars: Since 2003, Martin Kretzmann has been repairing stringed instruments and building custom guitars and basses. Focusing on renovating a new shop space in the Spring of 2020, with the help of long time friend, Jeromy Dorsing. 2021 is poised to be an exciting year. A production line of solid body electric guitars is now available for pre-order with some customization options with the goal of providing an affordable, bad ass looking and sounding guitar that anyone, student to expert would be proud to play and own. more info at https://kretzmannguitars.com

Coastal Mastering Studios: In his first twenty years behind the mastering desk, Mastering Engineer Bud Bremner gained a reputation as one of the top audio mastering engineers in Canada. Fortunate to be at the leading edge of many new technologies as they came into market, Bud helped set a new standard for the quality of album releases in Western Canada. To test where his skills were at, Bud had applied to work at other major mastering studios around the world. If he had been willing to move there, he would have been accepted at Townhouse Mastering in London England, Capitol Mastering in Hollywood and more currently having been invited to Lacquer Channel Mastering in Toronto. Servicing both major and local record labels with an International client base and albums ranging from the band down the street to Bryan Adams, many have considered him a ‘Gatekeeper’ to great sounding music releases, raising them up to their Ultimate Sonic Potential. more info at https://www.coastalmastering.com

John Tomaino: Mentored by Oscar and Grammy-winning, multi-platinum US producer, Scott Mathews (of Bowie, Brian Wilson, Clapton, Stones, Orbison, Cash, Santana, Beach Boys, Isaak, Satriani, Costello, Morrison fame) I aim to create state-of-the-heart productions that stand the test of time; think music with an extended warranty. I'm seeking the shelf life of denim, not yoghurt. No flavours of the month that last a month. Credits include: Original songs published in Sir Paul McCartney Ltd catalog, No 1 Pop Chart ReverbNation, Top 10 Hip-Hop track Triple J Unearthed, Winner “Rock Song of the Year” (Toronto), Winner “International EP of the Year” (Toronto), Finalist Music Oz Awards (Aust), No 1 GarageBand Charts for “Best Melody”, Finalist Great American Song Contest, 2nd place “Indie International” Contest, Winner World Wide Talent Quest John Tomaino on Fiverr

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Song Angel Artist Spotlight

"Just started using Song Angel to submit our new music and LOVING that I know what is happening with every message! Every time I get a notification that someone I shared to has opened my message and is listening to our song or watching our video its very exciting!"

Isa Nielsen is a Danish and Brazilian artist who is the vocalist and guitarist of Distorted Duo. Their new song "Wildfires" is about the fires in Brazil. She has appeared on many TV shows including Brazilian Idol and the MTV Awards. She has also been featured on Guns n' Roses IG and Facebook which went viral!
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